Philadelphia may be the newest Dallas after news has come out that police are being targeted there as well as in the Lone Star state. What started with a massacre of police officers during a protest in Texas has sunk its insidious roots into the City of Brotherly Love.

Officials in three separate Philadelphia police districts were on high alert after someone tipped off the police about a bomb threat on Facebook. That Facebook post stated that the person in question would be bombing three different police buildings in three patrol districts.

This comes after a sniper shot and killed five police officers in Dallas, Texas. Police departments across the country have been on high alert and have been taking any and all tips and threats very seriously.

"Obviously, we are taking this seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated in order to ensure the safety of not only our employees, but the residents who live in the aforementioned districts," said a Philadelphia Police spokesperson.

Though the threat was made via Facebook and is likely not credible, the sentiment behind the threat is real and important to recognize. The police need to be extra careful because there is nothing to say that the next tip won't be an actual situation requiring immediate action.

For police officers around the country, this must be a frightening and trying time. Never before have we seen such distrust of the police force and never have they been under such attack.

The Dallas shootings were the most violent action against police officers since the Twin Towers fell and killed dozens of first responders.

Friends, it's time to step up and show support for our men and women in blue. They put themselves on the line every day and it's not fair to threaten and treat them this way. This has to stop.

h/t: NBC Philadelphia

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