Sometime's Karma can be a real tough pill to swallow. That's how Macy's is feeling right now only one year after the cut ties with former business partner Donald Trump. Macy's just announced that going in line with the trend of declining sales they will be closing 100 stores all across the U.S.

Money reports that the 100 closing stores make up 14% of Macy's U.S. locations.

The company has announced that it will be focussing "its financial resources and talent" elsewhere and concentrating on the remaining retail locations still struggling to stay open. This makes sense because it must be incredibly difficult to find good talent to fold clothes and desperately try to convince more and more people to sign up for the Macy's credit card.

You wouldn't want to spread out talent like that and lose the incredible effectiveness that these people may have.

Only one year ago Macy's stopped carrying the Trump clothing line due to his comments and plans for illegal immigration when he first started his campaign last year.

Since then Macy's stock has been loosing value faster than Hillary Clinton has been loosing supporters after the countless scandals and corruption stories. This must just be bad timing, there's no way Trump could have had anything to do with it right?

Not long after Trump called for a massive boycott of Macy's for their "very disloyal" actions, their stock started crashing, hard. Unfortunately for Macy's when given a choice Trump's supporters chose to support Trump and their loyalty only grew stronger as his campaign went on. Macy's sales have only continued to drop as his campaign trudged on.

But the largest effect that Trump could have on Macy's sales moving forward is the effect that he will have on fixing the economic disaster that Obama has created.

There's more than just the effect that Trump's clothing line and the boycott would have on sales. The even bigger problem with the future of Macy's is the economic trap that President Obama has created. It used to be that if you needed anything you always went to Macy's but in today's economy people don't have that option anymore. Many have been forced to shop at the budget retailers like Kohls, Walmart, and Target.

People just don't have the money to make the choice anymore and with expenses like healthcare flying through the roof it's going to be hard for people to splurge and go to stores like Macy's if we continue to head in this direction.

Now Macy's may have dug themselves a grave by aligning with the left, too bad for them the left doesn't have the money to shop at Macy's and keep them in business.

The only way that people start making the money to shop where they please and start boosting sales for companies like Macy's is if Trump is able to get in office and repair the economic nightmare that this country is currently living, because know if Hillary gets elected we may never wake up.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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