Praise God and Hallelujah!

We appear to FINALLY be getting somewhere with the recent strikes-and-killings of some of ISIS’s most notorious leaders. The most recent kill is that of one of ISIS’s senior leaders, and former Sadaam Hussein Colonel, Fadhil Ahmad al-Hayali. He was also known as Abu Muslim al-Turkomani and Hajji Mutazz. We also managed to bonus kill one of ISIS’s propaganda clowns, Abu Abdullah; a nice two-for-one.

Sadistic bastard, al-Hayali, was part of that evil demon Abu Bakr-al-Baghdadi’s inner circle. He was a major player in our war with ISIS, as he was the man responsible for the attack on Mosul in 2014, and was the organization’s book keeper, and logistics expert.

We actually had this piece of crap once before, when he was part of the organization that spawned ISIS-Al Qaeda. Unfortunately, we turned al-Hayali over to the unbelievably inept and corrupt Iraqi government, who either turned him loose or lost him.

In other news, our military has found what it believes to be evidence of ISIS’s diversification of technique, in that chemical weapons, to include sulfur-mustard, commonly referred to as mustard gas, have been deployed on the warfront, to include against Kurdish forces.

Testing is underway by United States military personnel, and the Defense Department believes the claims of chemical weapons use, including the sulfur-mustard laced mortar rounds are “credible.”

It goes without saying that with every death of every ISIS leader we make progress in cutting off the head of this hydra. Good job US Armed Forces!

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