Not everyone who gets the boot from King Obama’s Court heads off silently into the sunset. In fact, some walk away with the same pride they had to begin with.

Proving that they, unlike many of Obama’s proverbial courtesans, have integrity and patriotic love for this nation.

Take former Defense Intelligence Agency Director, Lieutenant General Mike Flynn. He had the opportunity to speak with The Daily Caller and he let fly some pretty strong admonishments of our Appeaser-in-Chief.

“Obama has made incredibly poor decisions that have made us less safe.” While that is not exactly eye-opening to much of the nation, the mere fact that someone of the Lt. General’s caliber is calling out Obama via the public air warves is.

“We should be capturing, not releasing, more GITMO prisoners.” This in response to Obama’s traitor trade of five terrorist masterminds for the loser Bergdahl.

Likewise, Flynn is on the same page as those of us who believe that you do not combat homeland terrorism, the likes of which we witnessed in San Bernardino, California, by dis-arming citizens.

The Liberal agenda to implement stricter gun control and demean us as Islamophobic is ludicrous, when it is the fanatical side of Islam that is causing the problem.

“It is about religion, and not about gun control.” He went on that radical Islam is “cancerous” and, “we cannot allow it to exist on this planet anymore.”

Too bad Flynn isn’t running for president.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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