Active personnel and veterans of the U.S. military knew for eight years what President Obama and his administration thought of them and their service to the country.

Obama’s disdain was evident in the way he forced a Marine to hold an umbrella to shield him from raindrops at a speech.

It was evident in his dismissive “salute” as he boarded Air Force One with his family for vacations.

And it was never more evident in Obama’s refusal to prosecute the criminal “neglect” taking place at VA facilities all around the country leading to the deaths of veterans waiting on imaginary lists for lifesaving care.

President Obama delivered the expected talking points in on those occasions that required he make the expected remarks about the troops serving and those struggling to re-enter civilian life, but like much of Obama’s lofty rhetoric, it was little more than “teleprompter-ese” – all talk, zero commitment and no action.

But another example of the administration’s scorn of our military veterans has just come to light as evidence that Obama Department of Justice manipulated the hiring process to exclude vets from consideration for jobs.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel (OSC) issued a report of its investigation into an instance where DOJ officials deliberately attempted to force veterans to withdraw their applications for jobs in order to hire non-veterans.

The OSC report said rules require that veterans receive priority in hiring, but that didn’t stop the DOJ from maneuvering the hiring process, which is illegal.

The veterans applied for two open positions in the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program, not knowing that DOJ hiring officials had already decided to hire non-veterans, resulting in the interviews suddenly being scheduled at inconvenient times and off-site locations to make it difficult for the veterans to attend in hopes that the vets would just give up.

The DOJ had a lot to learn about the tenacity of U.S. military veterans.

When they refused to withdraw their job applications and were backed up by the human resources division of the DOJ, the hiring officials came up with a “brilliant” end-around – they simply removed the job posting, rewrote the job description with qualifications specific to the non-veteran applicants they had already decided to hire and reposted it with the new language.

The OSC rejected the claim of the ICITAP officials who told investigators the rewrite merely “explained why the veterans should withdraw,” finding that even if that was the case, it still constituted a violation of federal law.

Nice try by the Obama administration to once again to slap an American veteran in the face – even better in its failure.

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Source: Washington Times

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