The American solider, male or female, is a human being to behold. These men and women voluntarily put their lives on the line for the ongoing safety of our nation, and each our liberties and rights.

Yet, sadly, there is a large group of people who do not care. Those people are called the Liberal Left Wingers of America, led by President Barack Hussein Obama.

Sadly, disregard for service members has bled over into the agency that is supposed to provide care for them—the Veterans Administration (VA).

Over the summer, the VA decided to enlighten Congress (House VA Committee) to a $2.6-BILLION, in-the-red- budgetary problem for the coming year, because of “extraordinary efforts” that were being taken to provide veterans with their well-earned medical needs.

Committee Chair, Jeff Miller, isn’t buying it;

“I have come to expect a startling lack of transparency and accountability from VA over the last years,” and he went on to say, “But failing to inform Congress of a multibillion-dollar funding deficit until this late in the fiscal year … is disturbing on an entirely different level.”

Not to be outdone, the VA pulled out the big gun and said if they don’t get the money, they “will have to start denying care to some veterans.” They do that already, as we all know, and veterans can attest to.

In the meantime, Islam hero-worshipper, Obama, has allocated $419-million to Syrian refugees. That’s just the beginning. The Administration plans to provide $4.5-BILLION more to the Islamists.

The president is going to continue to let our veterans who fought a war against the Islamists, and other evil beings over the decades, continue to languish in an ill-run system, while he lavishes money on the very enemies our soldiers fought.

There is something sinisterly wrong with this picture.

Source: Right Wing News


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