The freedom to choose where you want to live is something that we Americans take for granted. If you want to live in a nice suburban area by a park or in a remote community surrounded by trees it's up to you.

President Obama is out to change all that.

In a new proposed rule called Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH), President Obama is working with Julian Castro and the Department of Housing and Urban Development to extend the reach of Washington into the way that communities are run across the country.

The new rule proposes that ethnically, racially, and economically segregated neighborhoods can be changed by the federal government. In a nutshell, the rule would collect housing data on communities across the country--something that will undoubtedly take years and lots of money. That data will then be used to determine target communities that are "segregated" according to the categories identified by the Housing Department. Those communities will then receive grant money and set goals to change the makeup of its housing communities to make them more diverse.

Now, before I talk about the ridiculousness of this idea, let's just be frank and agree that children of all ethnic and economic makeups deserve access to quality schools. If there are areas in America where students are forced to attend terrible schools because of where they live we should try to fix that. Let's improve those schools or encourage parents to leave those areas and go to places that have better opportunities for their children.

However, by attempting to regulate where communities form, the federal government is stepping over the line of administration into the realm of personal choice. If people want to gather in communities that share similar ethnic makeups, why shouldn't they? If a bunch of rich people want to build their mansions together on top of a mountain, why can't they? Having a rich neighborhood and a poor neighborhood doesn't imply bias, it just reflects the results of hard work and economic opportunity.

So if Obama really wants to change the way American communities look, maybe he should do more to create jobs and economic growth instead of trying to tackle an insolvable problem.

h/t: Washington Post


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