Most independent and critical thinking individuals have come to expect that this administration will do whatever it needs to do, to prolong it’s power and continue it’s “transformation of America” regardless of our moral philosophy, heritage traditions, laws, or ethics.

Moreover the unprecedented political earthquake unleashed by the FBI Director on Friday afternoon, has no doubt put this administration in a unique position, in that they can no longer manipulate the political process from within the system, and must now think of another way to rig the electoral process before November 8th.

And the way to achieve this unorthodox scenario is to simply suspend the election, sounds impossible? Not if you’re a two-bit Chicago hustler attempting to prop up an equally corrupt and despicable character like Hillary Clinton.

One would imagine at this very moment the White House is working overtime to see what it can do to delay the election, and if need be force Hillary off the ballot if reports surface that there’s enough evidence uncovered that could possibly disqualify her from serving, and forcing the DNC to pick a new candidate, all before the November 8th deadline, add to that the added confusion that many states have already voted early.

Although unprecedented, a Yale Law School professor named Akhil Reed Amar suggested the possibility that Obama could delay the election until January 20th and the Speaker of the House serving as interim president.

Another law professor John Nagle, residing at the University of Notre Dame suggested: "There's nothing in the Constitution which requires a popular election for the electors serving in the Electoral College," meaning that those individuals that officially elect presidents could convene without the general public voting…in short stealing the election away from someone like a Trump, and which would no doubt create a constitutional crisis.

However the 20th Amendment to the Constitution is extremely explicate, and states that congressional terms expire Jan. 3 and presidential terms on Jan. 20, and hopefully not even a two-bit charlatan can manipulate that law.

Source: Web Daily

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