According to True the Vote, “In advance of the 2016 election, the Obama Administration and its radicalized Department of Justice have launched a full scale effort to embolden leftist political allies and destroy election integrity,” said to Catherine Engelbrecht-Founder.

While this is horrifying, it should come as no surprise.

We are talking about Obama, King of the Left, and we all know the Left does not play by the rules. They make them up as they go along, or they just cheat.

As is the case here, no matter which way you look at it.

Today’s message is clear, according to ms. Engelbrecht, “Any state or federal agency that works to prevent non-U.S. citizens from registering to vote in 2016 will witness the full wrath—lawful or not—of the Department of Justice.”

She goes on to point out that we are more or less withness D.C. turning into a “common thug” who takes what he wants, when he wants, bar none.

“But, these common thugs can be stopped if law-abiding citizens will stand their ground,” proclaims Englebrecht.

That sounds great, but who is gonna back us common citizens going up against the DC Thug? That whole Lois Lerner IRS thing taught us that nobody will.

h/t: American News

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