This election is like no election that we have ever seen before. The nation is incredibly divided on so many massive issues and the tension between the two sides is reaching its breaking point. Well, things have just gotten worse after seeing the bit of bad news that Obama just received during the FBI investigation of Hillary investigation showing the dirty thing he did to Hillary Clinton.

The FBI announced on Friday that they would be reopening their investigation into Hillary Clinton and her private email server. However, after some new information has come to light many theories are beginning to make their way across the web indicating that this whole situation may be much worse than we originally had thought.

In fact, many internet and social media users have been digging deep into this case and have discovered that FBI director James Comey may have been forced when it comes to the FBI investigation.

Knowing that watchdog groups and hackers like WikiLeaks and Kim Dotcom are in possession of 33,000 Hillary emails and plan on releasing them this upcoming week, the FBI was forced to make a move.

The story only takes a darker turn from here. The media can no longer ignore the massive data dumps that WikiLeaks has been dropping and is very interested in who may be involved in the leak. The prominent theories are pointing in the direction that many high-ranking officials including President Obama himself may be directly involved in Hillary's massive scandal.


It would turn out that despite what Hillary thinks the world actually does not revolve around her and there are many other politicians pulling much bigger strings than she is. It may turn out that Obama is actually responsible for pushing forward with the FBI investigation. Hillary is surely not going to be happy about this one.

After Rush Limbaugh picked up on the theory one of the theorist expanded on what may be going on in this seemingly endless cloud of deceit and corruption. One caller explained that seeing as Obama may very well be exposed for his involvement once the rest of the emails are released he knew that he only had so much time to make shift the spotlight back onto Hillary.

Obama's only move would be to use the power described by Kim Dotcom that allows officials to legally get their hands on certain documents. Obama know that he only has so much time to try and dodge this sh*t storm that is about to come down on Hillary and her accomplices.

So it would seem that Obama and many other guilty parties may be involved may have had to do the only thing that they could do, use Hillary as a perfect scapegoat and pin the whole thing on her. At least if she is the center of attention, then most people won't even pay attention to his role in the scandal.


Obama may be able to take down Hillary and this would be a huge victory for all Americans, but for justice to truly be served all guilty parties must be punished for their role in this scandal. Obama can scramble and try to put all the blame on Hillary, much of which she deserves, but at the end of the day those emails are going to be released and his full implication in the scandal is going to come to light. We can only hope that they both get their fair share of whatever justice must be dealt unto them when the dust settles and the smoke finally clears.

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Source: Mad World News


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