Retired US Marine Jordan Matson joined the YPG Kurdish fighters to fight ISIS in 2014.

Does Obama, Kerry, or any of the other members of the Administration's clown circus act, really not know what side we are one here?  Seriously. Everything we are doing over in the Middle East right now is looking more and more like something out of a nightmare.

The Iran deal looks something like this, US to Iran: Okay, Iran, so basically here is what we will put on the table. You can keep our 4 hostages. And, um...yeah, whatever you want, as you said, you get everything else you wanted.  I mean, this is the best we can do right? You drive a hard bargain Supreme Leader!  Kerry?  Don't worry about him. Everyone knows he's an idiot. Me?  I' m cool.  Still got my tail tucked up between my legs.

Now, we have the Turkey vs. Kurdish thing. Turkey wants to annihilate the Kurds.  So what do we do? US to Turkey: Go ahead and start blasting away at the Kurds fighting the ISIS. As for our American soldiers who have volunteered to go help the Kurds take on the spawn of Satan? Yeah, about that. Too-bad-so-sad. 

In addition to what looks to be selling us out to Iran, the Kurds, one of the last bastions of people willing to take on the ISIS, just got swept under the rug in a little tete-a-tete between Obama and Turkey.

Another utterly disgraceful display of leadership.

h/t: The Gateway Pundit


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