If there is one thing the Obama Administration has become very skilled at it is the blame-the-victim game.

In this country it is most evident in two arenas; black lives matter, wherein the Administration says if it wasn’t for the way cops behave, they wouldn’t have the problems they have, and the other is with radical Islam, in that if Americans weren’t so Islamophobic we wouldn’t have “work place violence.”

The Administration are also Anti-Semites. According to Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry, it goes something like this; Palestine attacks Israeli civilians and Israel defends itself, and in the anti-Semitic blame the victim game, this means, if Israel didn’t exist they wouldn’t have this problem.

On October 13th, Kerry intimated this sentiment when he said if Israel wasn’t building in the West Bank, they wouldn’t have been attacked.

Nowhere in there is the fact that Palestinians go out of their way to wipe Israelis off the face of the earth and use their own people (schools and hospitals), to hide behind like the rat-terrorists they are. Nowhere in there is the fact that Israel retaliates in self-defense and has no designs on eliminating the Palestinian people.

Perhaps most demonstrative in this argument is a statement made by Elliott Chodoff, Israeli Counter-Terrorism Agent; “I wonder how America would respond if a thousand rockets were launched into New York or New Jersey.”

Sadly, Mr. Chodoff, Obama and Kerry would likely have an epileptic fit while trying to apologize and would look around to find the first American they could blame, and if that person, or group of people, happen to be Jewish, even better for the Administration.

After all, they couldn’t retaliate in defense of us, because then we would be terrorists, right?

Source: Conservative Tribune


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