As the election nears the race continues to heat up and it looks as is it's going to be a race to the finish. With Election Day exactly one week away every point in the polls really does count. We've all seen how reliable the Clinton News Network polls actually are, but two other major news sources have just released polls showing Trump leading Hillary.

ABC News and the Washington Post just released their national tracking poll and it shows that Trump has made a hard sprint to the front of the race. According to the polls, Trump is leading with 46 percent of likely voters favoring Trump and only 45 percent of likely voters supporting Hillary Clinton.

The polls have Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson at three percent of the likely votes and Jill Stein with only two percent.

This shows a remarkable climb by Trump and a steep decline by Hillary as the election comes into the home stretch.

Breitbart reports that Hillary has lost an astonishing 7 points with voters who are enthusiastic about her bid since last Friday alone. Meanwhile Trump leads by 8 points over Hillary among voters who are very enthusiastic about his candidacy.

ABC News did make a warning distinction about Trump's lead, saying that he actually only leads by .7 points over Hillary which rounds up to a one point lead.

They also made a reminder to readers that back in 2012 Mitt Romney led the poll by one point and still lost to Barrack Obama.

"Taking it to the decimal for illustrative purposes, a mere seven-tenths of a percentage point divides them," the warning reads.

However, it is important to note the momentum that Trump is carrying into this final week of the election cycle. If this type of momentum continues it looks like he will indeed take the presidency and we won't have to deal with 4 more years of disappointment and corruption.

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Source: Breitbart


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