Only a few hours after the now infamous video released of Trump making lewd comments towards women and making vulgar comments about seducing a married woman, WikiLeaks released a trove of emails showing something very explosive about Hillary's own past that may have just as destructive of an effect on the Clinton Campaign.

WikiLeaks has been releasing thousands of emails obtained from the DNC showing countless incidents of rampant corruption carried out by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. The latest release came only a few hours after the damaging Trump video hit the internet and went viral. Many people may have been too distracted to notice but some of the things revealed in this batch of emails show another very dark side to Hillary Clinton, and WikiLeaks said they're not even close to being done with her yet.

The most recent batch of emails was apparently obtained through a hack of Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman email account. Now thousands of emails have been released exposing first time excerpts from Hillary Clinton's paid speeches including a few delivered before Wall Street, all of which were apparently flagged as being potentially "problematic" or "damaging."

The emails show a detailed insight into what goes on behind closed doors in the Clinton Campaign. WikiLeaks has said that this is just the first batch of many to come and it could be even worse than the Trump video, depending on what is yet to be release.

This batch focused on exposing Hillary's true views on the middle class and trade. One exchange that stands out more than the rest is a group of emails between Clinton campaign research director Tony Carrk and other members of the team.

The emails expose excerpts of her paid speeches that could definitely be very problematic for the Clinton campaign later down the road.

"Attached are the flags from HRC’s paid speeches we have from HWA. I put some highlights below. There is a lot of policy positions that we should give an extra scrub with Policy," Carrk writes in an email.

One of the excerpts in question is titled "CLINTON ADMITS SHE IS OUT OF TOUCH" and is from a speech given at a Goldman Sachs-Black Rock event in 2014. In it she shows just how far our of touch she is from middle-class Americans.

The rest of the excerpt highlights can be read here and a few of the more notable ones have been selected by Politico.

It's going to be hard for Trump to manage the backlash from his video but people shouldn't forget that there is plenty of dirt on Hillary that cannot be overlooked and if WikiLeaks is telling the truth there's plenty more to come.

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Source: Politico


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