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With the breaking news that Donald Trump had accepted an invitation by President Enrique Peña Nieto to go to Mexico, pundits predicted that the Republican nominee had fallen into a trap that would see him publically humiliated on the world stage.

Warning that Peña Nieto would seize the moment to excoriate Trump for his year-long campaign promises to deport illegal aliens by the millions and build a border wall at Mexico’s expense, as well as the characterization of many Mexicans in less than flattering terms, the mainstream media spent Thursday waiting in breathless anticipation of a joint press conference from Mexico City.

The invitation had been issued to both Trump and his opponent, Democrat nominee and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, but it was Trump who jumped at the chance to meet with the man who has railed against him and his hardline immigration proposals.

Instead, Peña Nieto joined the brash billionaire for a joint press conference after their private meeting and demonstrated that there is hope for a solution to the problem of immigration and trade facing the neighboring nations.

The president and the candidate spoke to the press in a presidential setting, standing at podiums before a marble wall and spoke the language of diplomacy.

Anyone who doubted whether the brash billionaire could conduct himself on the world stage heard President Peña Nieto praise Trump for his “genuine interest” in “build(ing) a relationship that might lead us to prove both our societies better conditions.”

The meeting took place as Mrs. Clinton tweeted that foreign policy is “hard.”

But Peña Nieto didn’t stop there – he went on to admit that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) must be revised and the border between the countries secured for the protection of both.

Nieto is desperate to keep NAFTA in place. This is a much higher priority to Mexico than any illegal immigration issue. Mexico needs NAFTA far more than the US to keep their economy afloat. Nieto realizes that Trump holds all the cards and he needs to start playing nice as Trump is surging in the polls to surpass Hillary.

While they didn’t discuss particulars about the wall that Trump insists must be built, Peña Nieto’s welcome and acknowledgement of shared issues that must be addressed jointly not only went a long way to boosting Trump’s image as a potential leader, but eviscerated any strategy Hillary Clinton may have had in proposing a continuation of President Obama’s failed policies.

If – and when she decides to accept President Peña Nieto’s invitation.

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