Black Lives Matter only to black thugs. That is by no means true, because, thugs kill indiscriminately, regardless of their skin color, or those of their victims.

In fact, black thugs kill the majority of black people.  However, in the case of a  white Marine trying to enjoy his meal, a gang of six black thugs decided it was time for a hate crime .

Recently, US Marine Vet and Bronze Star recipient, Sergeant Christopher Marquinez, was attacked after finishing his meal at a local Washington, D.C. McDonalds.

Truth be told, the assault began in the McDonald’s when the punk thugs kept asking him if “black lives mattered.”

Marquinez ignored them. He knew they were trying to start something and being inflammatory. The gang of teenage thugs left and he figured that was the end of it.

Needless to say, he was jumped as soon as he walked out of the restaurant. He was struck by a blow to the back of the head. Surveillance footage showed him getting to his feet, only to be taken to the ground again.

He was kicked in the head, repeatedly, knocked out, beaten some more, to the point of hospitalization, and robbed.

Why? Because black lives matter only to those six black thugs.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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