Maine Gov. Paul LaPage

This common sense approach by Maine Gov. Paul LaPage, to review assets of individuals receiving food stamps will undoubtedly send progressives into overdrive.

The new rule being proposed would include individuals whose assets exceed $5,000 from receiving food stamps. The new proposal will be subject for review in the State Capital on October 6th; however it will not require a legislative vote to be implemented.

The “asset test” will ask individuals receiving benefits to disclose their assets, including bank account balances and all vehicles, including snowmobiles, boats, motorcycles, etc, etc.

However the primary vehicle and home value will not be counted and homes that have children will be exempt from the test.

Of course as predicted the left is howling their disapproval, just listen to Democratic Rep. Drew Gattine comments; “it makes someone’s ability to eat contingent on whether they’re able to sell their beat-up snowmobile in Uncle Henry’s. What’s next? Grandma can’t buy groceries until she sells her engagement ring?”

Apparently Gattine doesn’t want any accountability as to how the “people’s money” is being spent, and as usual plays the victimization game. In truth the average hard-working American, those folks that get up and go out everyday to earn a living in 2011 had a savings account balance of $5,923, according to a 2012 report by Pitney Bowes.

What is obvious is that America (with the help of progressives), has become a dumping ground for every-type of misfit that makes it to our shores

Source: Opposing Views, Bangor Daily



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