Who reads the New York magazine? Anyone? 

Apparently the liberal media do, and they have taken affront to what one idiot with a by-line had to say.

Jonathan Chait, contributor to the rag said, that the militia laying claim to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge offices in Burns, Oregon, should be killed by guns.

Wait. Aren’t liberals, such as himself, anti-gun? Of course they aren’t! They are just anti-gun when it comes to you and me.

Just like they think the Constitution and Bill of Rights are dusty old documents unless they can haul them out, blow the “dust” off and use them to their advantage.

Supposedly, the militia told another “reporter” that “They’re willing to kill and be killed if necessary.”

In fact, the militia said, “We will not fire unless fired upon.”

This is looking like it will turn into Waco, Texas all over again. The feds slaughtering the innocent.

The militia have certainly raised the bar when it comes to how Americans define patriotism, and their approach is certainly debatable. Their reason being “We will stand and defend the Constitution,” because, we “…are within our rights.”

Meanwhile, back at the New York magazine, Chait is calling for the ISIS style execution of those protesting governmental over-reach.

He is among those that can’t wait to report cop-killing at the hands of black thugs thereby cheering the BlackLivesMatter and F*** Yo Flag movements.

He is among those who remain silent when it comes to little boys being raped in the Middle East while our military are told to stand down and listen to their screams. He is among those who think murdering babies in-utero is an okay thing to do.

It should stand to reason that a peaceful liberal such as himself would go out and preach that those who disagree with the government should be gunned down.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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