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It is becoming very apparent to us smart folk that the ban-all-things-Confederate movement is getting out of hand. It is obviously being led by one lemming, followed by others, over the cliff of insanity.

Now, we have the cancellation of Civil War re-enactments.

Boone Hall Plantation, in South Carolina, has caved to the pressure of what can only be called the BlackLivesMatterExceptforOvercomingSlaveryHistory movement. The plantation claims the decision to not host the Living History Weekend event is out of a show of respect for the whack-job Roof murders this past June, resulting in the shooting deaths of nine people at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. Seems like a cheap pandering excuse bar-none.

The Battle of Seccessionville, 1862, would have been a great teaching moment. It is at this event people could have partaken in a display of one of the darkest period in our history, and how hard brave men had to fight against the institution, and how the Union lost this particular battle.

Why would you not want to remind us all of a noble war where the country fought itself to win your family’s freedom?

When you are done destroying and re-writing the history of the Blue and the Grey, your descendants won’t have a clue as to the enslavement of blacks, whites, and Native Americans. You are destroying your own heritage and legacy as a freed people won by blood spilled of other peoples’ descendants.

How stupid.

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