Despite the overwhelming evidence that only continues to surface, Hillary Clinton still insists that her private email server was never hacked. In fact, she swore to the United States government that no entities foreign or otherwise had hacked or breached her own private email server.

Even after one hacker came forward and said that he and a few others had been able to breach the server, she and the rest of her Clinton camp continued to deny that it ever happened.

Just like the majority of what the Hillary campaign says to the American people and apparently the U.S. government, this has been proven to be a blatant lie. WikiLeaks has proven otherwise and showed us the truth. They no doubt are partly responsible for getting the FBI director James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation.

WikiLeaks just released an email obtained from Hillary aide Huma Abedin back in 2011. The email reportedly said that her BlackBerry wasn’t working. Justin Cooper, the IT guy who set up Hillary’s private email server, said that this was because "We were attacked again."

Now people don't usually use the word "again" unless it's happened multiple times before.

Now nobody really knows what goes on behind closed doors at the Clinton camp but from the documents and data dumps that WikiLeaks has released to the public it sure doesn't make us want to believe Hillary, especially when there is hard evidence proving that she directly lied to the nation over a matter of national security.

It's about time that she gets held accountable for what she's done to this country.

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Source: Conservative Tribune

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