After a very heated debate last night between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton many mainstream media news sources are trying to get ahead of the game and do what they do best, twist the truth. There are many liberal news sites already running stories on how Trump 'lost' the debate to Hillary, but just like always they are completely ignoring the hard cold facts. The polls don't lie.

MSNBC ran a story only hours after the debate attacking and slandering Donald Trump claiming things like Trump isn't "ready for prime time." The came after him noting how in the primaries Trump predicted that a debate against Hillary would be the easiest batter yet.

Well it would appear that he was right. Trump totally dominated the online polls following last night's debate and he didn't just win in one poll. He swept the table.

Trump took the lead in polls from all different news sites, including the mainstream media, which has constantly been trying to spin an anti trump narrative. However, as hard as the left and their mainstream media attack dog tried to trick America into hating Trump the numbers have come in and they don't lie.

Trump won polls from CBS, Time, The Hill, Breitbart, and Drudge Report just to name a handful. Normally we don't see such an overwhelming agreement over debates like these but it's really not much of a surprise when Trump's joke of an opposition was Hillary Clinton.

So it would seem that Trump's prediction almost a year ago in the republican primaries rang true, which is just another testament to Trump's character. You can trust Trump to do what he's going to say. You can't even trust Hillary to hold your purse.

Trump is able to speak to the American people and cares about what's best for the American people, whereas, Hillary carries herself as some 'elitist' corrupt politician who only cares about doing what's best for herself. The people want somebody who can relate to fellow Americans and wants what's best for Americans and for that there really is only one choice, Donald Trump.

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Source: Red State Watcher


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