“The Wheels of Justice Grind Slow, But They Grind Exceeding Fine,” and although I’m not sure where this quote originates it seems appropriate, in that almost 8-years have passed, and finally there seems to be an investigation, taking place!

According to recent reports, it appears the President Obama may finally be facing his day in court for accusations that he falsified his birth certificate and used another American’s Social Security number as his own.

Allegedly, the SSN used by Barack Obama actually belongs to Harrison Bounel of Connecticut, although the SSA claims to have lost all documents related to that number.

Now, a Maryland judge is actually calling for Obama to answer some lingering questions about his birth, and demanding that the federal government respond to the fraud.

Why it has taken almost 8-years and the near end of Obama’s second term, to finally get this resolved, seems more of the same political skullduggery, which this administration is famous for.

Reports indicate that Judge Hollander has subpoenaed all documents from the Social Security Administration that related to either Bounel’s or Obama’s SSN.

If the government still fails to provide records, individual employees will start to be held responsible, and although this is indeed a hopeful sign, however as usual “to little, to late’!

Do you think Obama needs to be tried in a court of law?

Let us know your thoughts on the matter in the comments section below.

h/t: Conservative Post



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