ISIS has captured over 230 people after an attack on a Syrian town. Spokes person for A Demand for Action, Diana Yaqco, said 'The main concern is sexual slavery, mass executions and beheadings.'

Earlier this week ISIS invaded and captured the town of Qaryatain which is located 50 miles from the city of Homs. Included in the kidnapped are 45 woman and 19 children according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

Many fear these woman and kids will be sold into sexual slavery or a mass execution. ISIS has proudly put up photos on Facebook of captured tanks after the they took control of the town.

The fact that these animals are being allowed to put this on social media is somewhat disturbing as they attack our way of life and religion here in America. This is yet another situation that shows that ISIS has no regard for any human life and is waging an all out war against Christianity.

h/t: Daily Mail

Syria: hundreds disappear after militants take... by euronews-en

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