ISIS is infamous for publishing multiple propaganda pieces written in plain English outlining their "accomplishments" and motivations as well as future terroristic plans. One of these publications titled "Rumiyah" just released their 5th edition a few days ago, and it has some terrifying information about American targets.

Rumiyah is the Arabic word for "Rome" and the title comes from an Islamic prophecy that tells of the fall of the Roman empire. In another ISIS publication, a magazine titled "Dabiq," they comment on the city that the Islamic State believes an "apocalyptic" battle will happen with the "Infidel."

It is common for each publication of the Rumiya to designate Western targets, often in America, that ISIS wishes to carry out. This latest edition is no different and it lists a few target cities that ISIS has their sights on in America.

ISIS is pushing for its militants to use a new battle tactic to fight against the West. They are encouraging their followers to set fires to wage their jihad, according to Foreign Desk.

The most recent edition of Rumiya urges militants acting alone to commit acts of arson against specific targets. It explains that arson is one of the simplest forms of attacks and "should not arouse any suspicion."

"Incendiary attacks have played a significant role in modern and guerilla warfare," the publication continues. It then proceeds to list a few easy targets that could be hit with arson attacks including hospitals, nightclubs, schools, and churches.

One of the targets that the publication lists specifically is the First Baptist Church in Dallas. It includes a photo of the megachurch and caption that reads: "A popular Crusader gathering place waiting to be burned down."

"A specific church in Dallas, mentioned in Rumiyah, is taking things to a new level," said author of "The Way of the Strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State," Graeme Wood.

The book is based on the type of thinking and beliefs held by Islamic State followers.

Just last month, a list of churches around the country was published by a pro-ISIS group right before Christmas. This left authorities panicking to lock down these targets and forced the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security to issue a warning.

The book then continues to brag about multiple arson attacks around the world that have taken place, all of which ISIS has taken credit for and this book has praised.

The most recent attack motivated by ISIS in Texas was carried out at a "Draw Muhammad" contest, hosted by Pamella Gellar. Luckily, the two armed men who attempted the attack were shot and killed before they could get inside the event.

This new bit of ISIS propaganda shows the very real concerns for ISIS, demonstrating that these attacks can come in any form and can be carried out by virtually anyone. It's time we take a hard stand against ISIS. We've been treating them like the "B-team" for far too long, thanks to Obama, and we need a strong president that understands the real threat that ISIS poses to American citizens.

Luckily, it looks like Trump might be the president that we've all been hoping for and the president that this country needs. He understands that this ISIS problem permeates deep throughout our nation and is taking the necessary steps to minimize this issue as best he can by cleaning up our country, focusing on border security, and tackling the Muslim refugee crisis head on as we should have done from the start.

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Source: The Foreign Desk


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