When Vincent Foster, close friend and confidant of the Clintons, committed suicide back in 1993, the conspiracy theories abounded.

Everything from foul play to coercive suicide ran the gamut of back alley, dark corner conversations.  What if, just maybe, those people weren’t so whack after all?

Hugh Turley and Patrick Knowlton, unspecified researchers, digging through files at the National Archives, came across a couple of pieces of paper. While these papers might be interesting to us, they most likely are laughed off by the powers-that-be.

Each document is reported as having been authored by the same man, Miguel Rodriguez. There is a 31-page piece that discusses a possible second, smaller caliber, gunshot wound to Foster’s neck, in addition to the headshot.

There is also a reported letter of resignation (1995) to Ken Starr, by Rodriguez, from the investigation. As presented by Conservative Tribune, the report by Rodriguez brings into question the entire Foster investigation.

It appears that Rodriguez discussed investigative anomalies in his 31-page document; inaccurate witness accounts, photos of photos as evidence in lieu of crime scene photos.

Then there is the matter of the final report. It never mentioned the second gunshot wound to the neck. Rodriguez’s resignation is said to have stemmed from the way he was treated by his fellow investigators.

This smoking gun, lone gunman, second gunman, grassy knoll, type of story is interesting, especially in light of the players. Unfortunately, there is little to run with, and most of the folks aren’t talking. Why is that?

Source: Conservative Tribune



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