The 2016 presidential election has already been the talk of the town, well, every town for that matter. Though, the first primary is not until this fall, the contenders for the coveted political position are starting to make announcements. In the Republican field, there are at least three big names that have been teasing and titillating the grassroots. Ted Cruz is still fairly ambiguous, Rand Paul is a little less so, but the third conservative hopeful just made a big leap forward with an announcement made Thursday.

According to the Daily Caller, Ben Carson is forming an “exploratory committee” to run for president in 2016. The news came from Terry Giles, a long time friend of the former Johns Hopkins pediatric neurosurgeon. Giles is said to be acting as chairman of Carson's presidential campaign. He said that the official announcement from Ben Carson will be coming very soon.

“ I fully expect in three or four weeks to announce our exploratory committee.”

He went on to say that the announcement will not be later than May 1st, but as to the exact date, he was unsure. Giles has spent several months prior interviewing potential staff members for his potential campaign. He expressed that everything so far is “going great”, and he is “very pleased” where the potential Ben Carson presidential campaign is at.

Carson, who made a name for himself when he gave the infamous presidential prayer breakfast speech, has never run for any office before. However, growing sentiments are leaning towards a Washington “outsider”. A Pew research poll conducted last May shows that voters opinions are potentially shifting towards someone like Ben Carson.

“30% would be less likely to support a candidate with “many years” of experience as an elected official in Washington, while 19% would be more likely to support such a candidate.”

As far as Republican and Tea Party candidate polls, he has ranked near the top, next to candidates like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. Though his chances of winning are uncertain, with a potential Bush Vs. Clinton showdown in 2016, many conservatives and Tea Partiers are sure to at least give him a look.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Ben Carson would be a better president than Obama? Would he stand a part from Obama, or is he just another Rino clogging up the potentials field?

Leave your thoughts below.


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