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The walls of protected invincibility are beginning to crumble around Huma Abedin, and perhaps it's finally beginning to dawn on her, that she along with her perverted husband are the most venerable players within this sordid tale of corruption, and perhaps that’s why Huma is cooperating to some extent with the FBI.

By dropping a dime on the big man himself and telling investigators that Obama was well aware that Clinton was using a private unsecured server and a personal email account, which no doubt exposed our nation to international hacking by our enemies.

The Wikileaks emails also reveal that President Obama lied when he claimed he did not know Clinton was using a private email while corresponding on vital national security issues.

Further proof of just how disingenuous the Obama/Clinton gang is came from a New York Times March 8, 2015, article in which Hillary Clinton’s press security Philippe Reines referenced the article, entitled “Obama Says He Didn’t Know Hillary Clinton Was Using Private Email Address.”

Moreover Obama has gone on record telling reporters that he didn’t know about Hillary’s private email issues, and found out when everyone else did.

Obviously Huma has “lawyered up” and no doubt is a loyal aide to Clinton, and may somehow take some of the fall. However Anthony Weiner is another story and faces some serious jail time, because of his reckless actions and is definitely the weakest-link within this perverse corrupt cast of misfits, and perhaps more importantly universally disliked by just about everyone, which makes him the perfect target for the FBI to squeeze him further for more information.


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