Lois Lerner, the Internal Revenue Service official who admitted targeting conservative and Tea Party applications for tax-exempt status with increased scrutiny and onerous documentation requirements, on May 14, 2013 retired with full pension benefits despite a contempt of Congress charge on her record.

The IRS scandal that the Obama administration succeeded in, at least temporarily, keeping from blowing up into a major scandal when his Department of Justice announced it would decline to file charges against Lerner, brought down two directors of the most powerful agency in the federal government and a third is now facing the possibility of impeachment hearings.


IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman was the first victim of Lerner’s targeting scheme, followed shortly thereafter by his successor, Steven Miller, who held the position for only five days.

John Koskinen took over and, in a series of appearances before Congressional committees, irritated, antagonized, and insulted not only committee members, but the taxpayers who watched his condescending and dismissive testimony on television.

John Koskinen

Today, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) announced that the committee has scheduled two hearings to investigate “misconduct by Koskinen — specifically, whether misled Congress and violated a subpoena” to preserve for production email documentation relevant to Lerner’s targeting.

In testimony to Congress at the height of the scandal, Koskinen said the IRS could not find backups of Lerner’s emails, but the agency’s internal auditor said thousands had been located “with very little effort” and determined that 442 backup tapes covered by the Congressional subpoena had been erased.

The hearings will be held during the next several weeks.

Source: Washington Times



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