If we can vet a Pakistani, who immigrated to Saudi Arabia, got herself engaged to an American and immigrate into this country, via proper background check processes and have that woman turn out to be a radical Islamic Jihadi-ette who goes on a rampage killing as many “infidels” as she can, then how, pray tell, does our dear leader propose we fast-track our incredibly thorough background check process for the rest of the refugees?

You know the women and children we are all so afraid of, that Obama insultingly shamed us all with last month.

He now has egg on his face because of the cancer that Tashfeen Malik turned out to be.

How did Tashfeen Malik make it into our country?

She became engaged to Syed Farook and landed herself a one-way ticket to paradise, via the K-1 visa, otherwise known in foreign-bride circles as the “fiancée visa.” 

Our stringently hardcore background check process managed to miss the fact that Malik’s hometown in Pakistan doesn’t even exist.


Very impressive.

In which case, believing our government when they say that there are no imminent threats of possible terrorist attacks, would be fool-hardy at best on our part.

If they can’t even figure out some town doesn’t even exist how do they propose to research any aspect of them.

Talk about a terrorist being able to not only take advantage of our immigration system, but make an absolute mockery of it.

Do you feel safe?

Do you still support the import of Syrian refugees via the hasty process and secretive planting of them among our nation’s masses? If you do, then you are part of what is wrong with this country.

Source: CNS News


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