Nothing this woman does should come as a surprise. She has to be one of the most amazing caricatures of responsibility, integrity, and worth. American conservatives have always known her to be a sly and self-serving.

The Benghazi terror attack and how she mis-handled it from the start, have done nothing but prove that over and over again to those across America with a 1/3 of a brain.

We have witnessed obfuscation, dismissiveness, chuckles, eye rolling and earnestness when it comes to insisting there is nothing to hide.

Okay….so why the divisiveness? Why the road-blocking of the investigation? Why, if you care so much about America, would you not want to know where the process broke down?

Why not release every email you ever wrote and quit making tax payers work for it?

The process is slowed yet again, courtesy of the winter storm along the East Coast.

“This storm will disrupt the Clinton email team’s current plans to work a significant number of hours throughout the upcoming weekend and could affect the number of documents that can be produced on January 29, 2016.” That according to the State Department.

Any excuse.

Amazing how this works out with respect to the Iowa caucus. Then again it really doesn’t matter when you are a parading around campaigning to a bunch of lemmings. Her goal is not to assist in finding out what went wrong with Benghazi.

Her goal is to beat that freak-show socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT). The mere fact that Sanders is even a viable contender against the Clinton machine is proof that her shine is coming off and revealing a tarnished piece of pot-metal below.

Her “team” appears to be attempting to rig and election. She looks like she is attempting to stack the odds in her favor and manipulate the level pulling at the polls. What kind of presidential candidate does this? A Clinton of course.

Or, and Obama. They are cut from the same cloth. Should the country have the great misfortune of enduring another Clinton/Obama style White House, they will have a Con Artist-in-Chief sitting in the Oval Office.

America should not willfully subject itself to her machinations and the fixing of an election.

Disgusting and yet not surprising at all.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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