Anybody remember Ambassador Chris Stevens? Stevens, is the name of the man referred to in the media, as the “Ambassador” to our Libyan embassy in Benghazi.

He was murdered and drug through the streets the night of the 9-11-2012 siege when many other Americans lost their lives.

Despite their cries for help that night, and months prior, nobody responded from the Obama Administration. The same Administration that can tap your phone without a warrant and know what you ordered on your pizza 10 minutes ago, somehow was clueless about what and how Benghazi had and was transpiring on that night.

The House Committee investigating Benghazi has been running an obstacle course of obstruction since the beginning. Only very recently, as in two days before the matriarch of the debacle herself, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, took the stand, did 1,300 pages of emails to and from Ambassador Stevens magically materialize.

Illuminating Clinton’s complete lack of regard for the responsibilities of her job, are 200+ reports of “security incidents” in Libya during the same year, requests for at least 13 more security personnel, and reports of attacks and assassination attempts on the British Ambassador, the Red Cross, and get this… a previous attack on the Benghazi compound, were relayed by Stevens to the Clinton State Department.

Stevens was either ignored or denied his requests. Those actions do not support the excuse of ignorance to the dangers of Benghazi. Those actions point to something far worse; negligence, or a cover-up, or both.

It is a shame these emails just came to light before Mrs. Clinton took the stand. Perhaps it would have taken the smug and bored look off her face, or at least put a per-emptive halt to her completely inappropriate and disturbing gut-busting laughter.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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