Just after the House of Representatives Benghazi committee realease the much anticipated report detailing the findings of the investigation on the the Sept. 11, 2012 attack in Benghazi Hillary pulled a textbook Hillary move. Her first move was not to apologize or address the matter at hand but rather just to change the subject.

Of course she attacked the Second Amendment in a diversion attempt. Maybe this was in her little black book of secrets about her opponents and strategies to try do defend her many many shortcomings.

Hillary went straight to Facebook posting a link explaining three steps she wants Americans to take to 'keep guns out of the hands of terrorists'.

The post once again blamed America for the actions of terrorists. She claims that we as Americans have made it too easy for terrorists to purchase guns. She said that we need a president with a 'backbone' to stand up to the gun lobbyists.

I don't know about you but I'd have to say Hillary is the slipperiest two faced snake that we have seen in a long while and she certainly does not have a backbone like her fearless opponent Donald Trump.

Don't expect Hillary to address this report anytime soon, we've all seen how she deals with her problems, too bad we need a president that faces problems head on and doesn't lie about every issue that comes up.

The report said that the administration made deplorable excuses for the incident multiple times and only continues to do so, but Hillary will never speak about that or about the fact that she let her political agenda come before American lives in Libya.

What else would you expect Hillary to do other than attack our Second Amendment.

Americans know exactly what type of slimy snake Hillary is and this document is one of many that shows hard evidence of the evil that she is capable of.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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