The official Benghazi investigation is finally nearing a much needed but much delayed conclusion. From the very beginning the Democratic members of the House Benghazi Select Committee have worked tirelessly in their efforts to sabotage and skew this investigation in anyway possible.

Too bad for them the active and honest members of the committee headed by chairman Trey Gowdy are about to expose the unadulterated truth behind what happened on the night of Sept. 11, 2011.

Fed up with the actions of the lying liberals that he has been forced to work with (or more realistically against), Gowdy has decided to let the Democrats know just how he felt about their antics in a 7-page scorching letter addressed to top Democratic Committee, Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings.

Now that the report is nearing completion the Democrats have voiced their interest in playing a larger role in the drafting of the final document in one last ditch effort to sabotage the report and burry the truth of that tragic night.

To nobody's surprised Gowdy was "mildly amused" at the most recent Democrat request. The extent of the Democrats' attempts to derail the investigation are clearly outline in this 1,800+ word letter.

Gowdy describes how the Democratic committee members selectively leaked information in an order distort the facts behind the Benghazi disaster.

The chairman, who has been dubbed "The Bulldog" for his ferocious interview style, has come after Cummings especially hard naming him the "serial leaker."

The Democrats “have spent far more time writing letters, selectively leaking material, and spreading mischaracterizations than you have actually participating in this investigation," wrote Gowdy regarding the Democrats' detrimental efforts.

“Despite your efforts to undermine and obstruct our fact-centered work, rest assured all members of the committee will have the opportunity to review the report and offer changes in a manner consistent with the rules of the House,” Gowdy assured us.

The report along with it's supporting evidence and transcripts would then be released to the American public for the people to intemperate the what really happened according to the facts.

“This investigation has uncovered new information that will change how the public views what happened before, during, and after the attacks in Benghazi,” Gowdy wrote in his letter. “Despite your best efforts to prevent it from happening, actually talking to eyewitnesses and actually accessing relevant documents has produced new information… It took longer than I wanted, but we are finally going to be able to answer questions left unanswered by previous investigations.”

Read the entire letter here.

It's a good thing that Gowdy addressed Cummings' true intentions and malicious efforts on the report for the world to see. Soon not only will the world be able to see the pathetic coverup attempts but hopefully be able shed some light on the Benghazi disaster put it to rest for good.


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