In a typo-ridden and largely incoherent screed full of libel, an online blog, the self-styled, “TruthExaminer,” managed in 300 words to misstate an intelligence report, challenge the legitimacy of a U.S. election, and dismiss a Senate Committee as “political theater” that is “an effrontery towards the democracy which has been fought and died for by thousands of individuals.”

Ignoring the fact that the intelligence report the blog quotes has not yet been made public and therefore could not have been seen by the writer, the rabidly partisan site nevertheless did get one thing right: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee, headed by Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) scheduled a closed-door meeting with administration officials to discuss President Obama’s response to reports of Russian hacking.

Corker told the press, “We are going to systematically walk through the entire Russia issue and fully understand what has transpired.”

Calling the Committee’s work, a “wasteful, petty, and fruitless” attempt to “belittle President Obama,” the site ignored the actual statement of the intel chiefs who refused to say that the Russian hacks were carried out with the intent to help President-elect Donald Trump defeat Democrat Hillary Clinton in the November election.

President Obama has claimed that he knew of the Russian hacking as early as October, but took no action until almost two months after the election when he expelled 35 Russian diplomats from the United States and threaten additional sanctions in the remaining 14 days of his presidency.

Source: The Hill

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