Marilyn Tavenner, former administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, used to run Obamacare but now she's flipped sides and telling all about the dangers of Obama's devious next steps. It seems health care customers are in for a massive slap to the face in 2017.

Tavenner has since transitioned to working spokeswoman for insurers and had some very ominous things to say about the future of healthcare in America for many when she was interviews recently by the Morning Consult.

"I’ve been asked, what are the premiums going to look like?" Said Tavernner.

"I don’t know, because it also varies by state, market, even within markets, but I think the overall trend is going to be higher than we saw previous years … that’s my big prediction."

This sticker shock has been seen before and it didn't go well then either.

Since the beginning of Obamacare in 2013 Obama has sold the program as a system that will reduce healthcare costs across the board and make healthcare affordable for all. In fact healthcare costs have only risen and even skyrocketed under this failure of a program.

Because of this many Americans have chosen to forego Obama's scheme altogether to pursue other less comprehensive but more affordable healthcare options.

Taverner cited numerous causes for the increasing Obamacare rates, including the fact that according the rules of Obamacare that state that prevent insurers from denying healthcare to patients with pre-existing medical conditions.

"The problem with the exchanges … is people are still kind of seeing this as, ‘I use insurance when I’m sick, but I may not need it when I’m no longer sick,'" She continued. "So they tend to churn. And that churn increases premiums. So you have to kind of price over that."

Taverner noted another cause for rising premiums in 2017. There is an impending end to the rules that protect insurance companies from financial losses. Without these rules many insurers will have to drastically raise their premiums to cover any losses and earn a profit.

No matter what Obama continues to say about his epic failure of a system it clearly does not work, and it's really hard to fight that fact the woman who ran the thing is saying that too.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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