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Time marches on, and no doubt cultures evolve, and what wasn’t acceptable only a decade or so ago, is now quite in vogue, and that’s the way it should be. In that every generation claims a slice of the “American Dream” as it’s own.

However there are some things that simply shouldn’t change, those symbols and moments within our history, those should be celebrated forever, and I suspect most reasoned adults would acknowledge that our Founders, those few that were instrumental in creating our unique form of government should always be displayed on the face of our currency.

However as acknowledged we now live within a new “grievance culture” where American History is no longer considered relevant, and so it’s within this politically correct culture, that we should view these new changes.

Civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., famed opera singer Marian Anderson and first lady Eleanor Roosevelt will be depicted on the back of the updated $5 bill.

All three will be portrayed in historical moments in front of the Lincoln Memorial, which is currently pictured on the back of the bill. King will be shown delivering his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech.

Anderson will be shown performing in 1939, when concert halls were still segregated and she was banned from singing in Constitution Hall, supported by Roosevelt.

In redesigning the $5 bill, a previously unannounced step, the Treasury will disrupt Lincoln’s long-running tenure on both the front of the bill, in a portrait, and on the back, captured as a statue within the Lincoln Memorial. The basic layout of the note hadn’t changed since 1929.

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