More information is breaking about the San Bernardino, California shootings and it has to do with an accomplice in the shootings. Though the husband and wife duo who committed the murders are dead, it's clear that others involved have more information to give to authorities.

Chief among those who are providing more information is Enrique Marquez, a 24-year-old neighbor of the two Islamists who opened fire killing more than a dozen people last week.

Marquez is actually related to the male attacker by marriage, he married the sister-in-law of the killer's brother, but the relationship was obviously closer than that. Marquez was the one who purchased the AR-15 rifles that the gunman and his wife used in the attacks. What makes it harder to swallow is that the guns were all purchased legally.

The story becomes more convoluted, however, because it appears that Marquez was in the process of converting to Islam and that he and the male gunman had previously planned a terrorist attack in 2012. They canceled that attack due to fears of being found out, but it's obvious that Marquez had a hand in helping perpetrate last week's murders.

FBI officials raided the home of Marquez's mother, but it's unclear what they uncovered. Marquez had previously been giving federal officials information regarding the attacks, but he evidently stopped cooperating. His current location is unknown but Marquez has been indicted by federal officials.

It's sickening to think that someone would work with terrorists to plan an attack in their own country. Yet this is how these most recent terrorist attacks have worked. Though officials at a local mosque where Marquez is said to have attended have asserted that Marquez was a spotty worshiper, it's clear that mosque leaders need to be more proactive in alerting authorities to potential home-grown terrorists.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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