On Sunday afternoon, FBI director James Comey released the FBI's decision not to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton. This was of course in reference to their most recent criminal probe into Hillary Clinton's use of her private email server during her time as Secretary of State.

After the first investigation, Comey announced that there would not be any charges brought against Hillary Clinton, back in July. This conclusion was despite the fact that Comey admitted that Hillary's email contained a substantial amount of classified information.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is also a high up 'surrogate' for Donald Trump, says that he thinks James Comey made this second decision because he "caved" to political pressure.

"Comey must be under enormous political pressure to cave like this and announce something he can't possibly know," read Gingrich's Tweet just after Comey's announcement on behalf of the FBI.

"The destruction of James Comey by political pressure is painful to watch. He is being twisted into an indefensible pretzel of contradictions," Gingrich later Tweeted.

Yet many others are suspecting that the true reason is much more sinister. Many are saying that the FBI actually used this criminal probe as a way to rally Hillary's voting base just before the election.

There main reasoning supporting this idea "the FBI would have to read one email a second to get through all 650,000 emails from the Weiner computer. No chance that happened since it took Comey’s FBI a year to get through far less," reports 100 Percent Fed Up.

650,000 Emails
9 Days
72,222 A Day
3000 A Hour
50 A Minute
About 1 A Second

Rush Limbaugh seems to believe the same saying that the FBI only "rekindled" the email investigation so as to distract the American public's attention from the WikiLeaks data dumps, reports Reuters.

We will probably never know for sure what the true reason for the second investigation or the subsequent lack of charges brought up against Hillary until the election is well over. The fact that there was more than enough cause for the FBI to have an investigation against Hillary, twice, should be telling enough on its own.

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Source: The Blaze

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