In the world of politics nothing is truly what it seems, take for example the unemployment rate which currently stands at 4.9%, and no doubt quite an impressive number for the Obama/Clinton gang to acknowledge, however as in almost all government data, the numbers are skewed in favor of whosoever in power.

However when you factor in the other data, that 92-million able-bodied individuals are out of the labor market because they can’t find adequate employment and the actual participation rate is at it’s lowest point since 1978, that unemployment rate jumps to perhaps 15% as opposed to 4.9%.

And of course the same holds true with the crime report, in that the Obama/Clinton gang misrepresent for political expediency the true data on violent crime all across America, and in particular within major cities.

Which was evident Monday night when Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton clashed over the issue of crime in America, while Hillary attempted to put on a happy face, Trump accurately referenced the sudden rise in violent crime, all across America, citing FBI data that homicides alone increased an astounding 10% in 2015, and that all violent crime” increased nearly 4% within that same period.

However as in all things political, the progressive spin merchants were out in force in their attempt to discredit Trump with inaccurate left-wing “fact-checking” statistics, regardless of the fact that the FBI Report released only hours before the debate on Monday showed that Trump was indeed correct.

Who do you think won the debate? Do you feel that the debate was fair or was Trump attacked and challenged by Lester Holt far more than he did to Hillary?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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