Drip…drip…drip, the sound you hear is Hillary Clinton’s presidential aspirations potentially overflowing into ankle-deep muck, and rising, as the FBI just announced it has launched two separate investigations into Hillary’s email cover-up.

At issue are the two classified emails marked "top-secret" (however there nay be thousands), and Clinton’s denial that any classified material was ever stored on her personal and apparently unsecured server, and allowing someone without proper “security clearance” to actually be in physical  control that information

The State Department inspector general and intelligence community IG are viewing the email scandal from two different perspectives.  The Intel community wants to know if any classified information was compromised.  While the State Department is trying to respond to FOIA requests, specifically from Judicial Watch, as well as investigate who was using the private server among Clinton aides and hand over email communications that survive to the appropriate congressional committee.

Obviously this major breach of our nation’s national security is an extremely grave matter and puts at risk Americas interest and potentially its allies, and perhaps thousands of lives.

The FBI will be investigating whether Clinton has violated any national security laws and whether government secrets might have been put at risk, by her apparent mishandling of highly classified documents.

Nick Merrill, a Clinton spokesman, said Tuesday night that Clinton is cooperating with the FBI probe. He declined to say whether the FBI ordered that she turn over the devices and when her attorney, David Kendall, had done so.

However, the government’s highest category of security designation “TOP SECRET” may have passed across Clinton’s server while she led the State Department.

It seems obvious to any clear thinking individual that Hillary Clinton isn’t trustworthy to lead America, time and again she as demonstrated a lack of integrity, and this latest scandal (among many), simply illustrates how corrupt and arrogant this woman truly is.

Make no mistake these are serious issues that Clinton faces with the potential of criminal malfeasance…drip…drip…drip.

h/t: American Thinker

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