The death of one of the Oregon militiaman, and leader of the militant group, occupying the Malheur Wildlife facilities is one of mystery. A mystery that will eventually be solved, to be sure. For now, America is dealing with two different reports regarding Robert “LaVoy” Finicum’s death. Unfortunately, both versions play into the tales of police brutality and the counter tales of white right-wing extremists.

According to a passenger in the vehicle, Finicum was gunned down.

“He was just walking, with his hands in the air, and they shot him dead,” said the witness, Victoria Sharps. “His hands were still up after he was dead.”

Not so according to another witness in the preceding vehicle, Mark McConnell; “He went after them.” In fact, “He charged them.”

Which is true? According to law enforcement Ammon Bundy’s vehicle pulled over, and Finicum’s did not. Sharps appears to confirm that when she said, “He drove and we all got down on the floorboards and they just started firing at us, shooting at us a bunch of times.”

McConnell’s version of events matches up with law enforcement. Then there is the whole “got down on the floorboards” thing.

Why do that unless you have no intention of stopping? Anybody else get down on the floorboards when cops try to pull you over?

Was the vehicle shot up? We’ll find out?

This thing has been a disaster from the start. Not to mention disturbing. Militiamen taking over a government office to protest the imprisonment of two ranchers. The ranchers who want and have nothing to do with the militia.

For now, let’s not jump to conclusions. Let’s pray this does not turn into another Waco.



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