We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to American hero Lt. General Michael Flynn. Not just for his active duty military service, but while serving as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency where  he had the opportunity to witness first-hand what the Obama administration is up to.

There is a crusade against the non-Islamists of this country, and the implementation of an Islamic caliphate because Obama, as we know, is all about appeasing the Islamic regimes of the Middle East.

It’s one thing to do political business with another culture, even one that rules via their religion. It is quite another to do business with those countries who slaughter anyone who does not worship the man who came up with their religion.

Lt. General Flynn says enough is enough.

“(C)ountries are going to have to get off this dime of this multiculturalism appeasement that we are seeing, particularly in Europe, and frankly, we apologize too often in this country for going after a political ideology that is hiding and masking itself behind a religion,” he explained to Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade.

Good luck with that, America. While Flynn makes his case, the Administration, via the Department of Homeland Security, is wiping their servers.

Records of Islamic terror attacks, terrorists, potential terrorists, terrorist cells, and all manner of Islamic Terrorism are disappearing from PUBLIC and classified records. Anybody thinking of Orwell’s 1984 right about now?

Obama does not want "Islamofauxbia" on record. He wants to be Americana-o-phobic, Judeo-Christian-o-phobic, and lick the sandaled feet of radical Islam. He sure looks like a sell-out. Oh wait! He is.

For lack of a better term, he did just sell out the nation to Iran by giving it free rein to play with nuclear weapons – even to the extent of rebuilding its main reactor.

“I mean, we are watching an Islamic State that is unfolding their campaign plan in front of our eyes, and we’re — we see the president doing waves down at a baseball stadium in Havana,” Flynn went on in his explanation.

“I mean, it’s — come on, let’s get real with what we’re facing, and we need to do far more about it than what we’re seeing.”

Until Obama is out of the White House, that isn’t going to happen. His reach is far and his grip is tight. Most of it due to the idiots we elect.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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