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We are in an era of “nothing to lose.” For example, we have Robert Gates, our former Sec-Def.

Now that the man responsible for the military might and safety of the nation no longer has to fear loss of his job, he is ready to spill the beans and tell us how he really feels.

Gates has been making the media rounds and providing support for the notion that President Obama thinks of himself as the smartest man to grace the planet. Gates was asked by NBCs Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough about this;

“You know, the president is quoted as having said at one point to his staff, ‘I can do ever one of your jobs better than you can,” according to Gates.

While this superiority complex of our narcissistic president might be a surprising revelation to some, to the rest of us it is old news.

“He has centralized power and operational activities of the government in the White House to a degree that I think is unparalleled,” said Gates.

So true. Unfortunately, it can be said that this has happened because those in our government, serving in capacities ranging from Congress, to the State Department, to the Pentagon, and even the Secretary of Defense, have willfully put aside the sake of the country for their own self interests.

God bless Robert Gates and his service to our nation.

That being said, the attitude of nothing to lose needs to end. In doing nothing when they had a chance, all of our governmental employees render all of us, their employer, to a position of everything-to-lose.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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