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Referring to Pamela Geller as a “sacrificial lamb” I’m sure would have both her detractors and her supporters and perhaps even Geller herself amused at the mere comparison. And yet it’s because of Geller that another would be home-grown “lone-wolf” terrorist is dead, and of course that’s a “good thing”.

This time the “lone wolf” terrorist was Usaamah Rahim who had recently purchased three military fighting knives on The FBI intercepted at least one delivery and X-rayed it before letting it continue on to Rahim, who was planning to behead Geller who had organized a Prophet Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland Texas, last month.

On CNN's "New Day" on Thursday, Geller said she was feeling "fine" despite allegedly being a target. But, she added, she now has a guard with her 24 hours a day.

"They are coming after me for violating the Sharia, for violating blasphemy laws and they mean to come after everyone," she said.

Police Commissioner William Evans also told CNN on Thursday that authorities were watching Rahim around the clock for about 10 days because of concern he was moving to launch an attack. Officers who confronted him believed Rahim was going to board a public bus with his military knife.

Rahim, who officials believe was radicalized by ISIS was shot dead Tuesday in a parking lot; an associate, David Wright, 25, was arrested and charged with obstruction.

Before his encounter with police, Rahim called his father to say "his goodbyes," according to a law enforcement official. The conversation was caught by investigators who had been monitoring his email and phone activity.

On Facebook, Rahim "liked" ISIS as well as a radical cleric and a historic Islamic scholar credited with theology that helped lead to radical Islam.

Anti-terrorism authorities had Rahim under 24-hour surveillance, said Vincent B. Lisi, FBI special agent in charge. At least one of the men connected to the plot to behead Geller and kill police was being encouraged to launch an attack by people connected to ISIS, who were communicating from overseas, two U.S. officials with knowledge of the investigation said.



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