At this point most Americans are aware of the infamous "locker room talk" video of Donald Trump that was released just before the second debate and was Hillary and the lefts main source of ammunition in the siege against Trump before, during, and after the debate. However, Trump clearly held his own during the debate and disarmed Hillary's biggest weapon against him showing how much more capable of a leader and a fighter Trump is than Hillary.

If being slaughtered during the debates wasn't bad enough for Hillary, a recent email released by WikiLeaks has just surfaced exposing that she used language way worse than any of the "locker room talk" that was heard in the Trump audio clip.

The term that she used to describe Muslims may be one of the most racist things that has been seen during this entire election season. Bare Naked Islam posted pictures obtained from Twitter showing an email from Hillary's account where Hillary refers to Muslims as "sand niggers."

Now, some are saying that this email may actually been Hillary stating what somebody else had said about Muslims, according to Mad World News. Yet this is still no excuse for Hillary to use such vile and offensive language.

You can bet that her voting base especially her Muslims voters and her buddies over at CAIR, as well as her Muslim chief advisor Huma Abedin aren't going to be to happy about using such offensive language to refer to Muslims in any sort of context.

As a presidential candidate you should at least have the decency to censor language like this in an email, but that's if she didn't write it herself.

This racial slur is sure to upset Hillary's liberal fan base as well. It sounds about the farthest thing from politically correct that she may have ever been caught saying. We will see how she responds to this one. It's going to hard for her to talk her way out another offensive email scandal. She better just hope she doesn't slip up and drop any more offensive racial slurs while she tries to lie her way out of this sticky situation.

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Source: Bare Naked Islam


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