Hillary's candidacy to be president has always been an interesting one, most specifically because she would be the first former spouse of a president to then go on and serve as president. But having Bill's innate notoriety backing her campaign has led to some sticky issues.

Chief among the issues is the fact that Bill Clinton, as a former President of the United States, holds enormous sway with the public and voters. Bill was a popular president, and one who was in office not that long ago.

So when he showed up at Boston polling locations on Tuesday to "thank poll workers" there, he immediately drew crowds.

Several people standing in line to vote asked to take pictures with Bill and others shook his hand and made an effort to get close to the former president. But that's where things get tricky with election laws.

According to national election laws election days are sacrosanct from many normal election activities. Representatives for any candidate are prohibited from being within 150 feet of a polling location and they are prohibited from entering the polling locations.

They also aren't supposed to attempt to make any "solicitation of votes for or against, or any other form of promotion or opposition of, any person or political party."

Now, it's not clear that Bill was actively seeking out votes for his wife. He may have just been drinking coffee and chatting with poll workers like he says.

But the mere fact that Bill has such a political presence changes all of that. He is not just a regular husband or some Joe Schmo who is being nice. He is related to one of the candidates that voters were choosing. That relationship brings with it a bias and Bill shouldn't have been anywhere near the polling locations on Election Day.

This is just more proof that Hillary and the whole Clinton clan can't be trusted.

UPDATE: Almost 50,000 people have now signed a petition to arrest the former President.

h/t: Boston Globe

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