Less than a week after a mass shooting at a rural Texas Baptist church shocked the nation, Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein of California took the lead with her introduction of a bill to ban the sale, transfer, manufacture, and importation of military-style rifles and ammunition magazines.

Unsurprisingly, Feinstein was not joined by any Republican senators, in what was seen by many as an attempt to capitalize on the tragedy to move the Democrat “anti-gun” agenda forward.

On Sunday morning, the long-standing mental health issues suffered by a 26-year-old boiled over, resulting in the worst mass shooting in a U.S. church in history, prompting renewed calls on the Left for increased restrictions on weapons just weeks after a mass shooting occurred at a country music festival in Las Vegas.

While the legislation will no doubt please Democrats anxious for action – any action – that will be seen as responsive to its base with less than a year to the mid-term elections, critics will note that the legislation is non-responsive to the underlying issues that created the perfect storm resulting in the tragedy.

In reality, not only would Feinstein’s proposed law failed to prevent the shooting that has left 26 dead, ranging from an 18-month old toddler to an elderly couple, including a fetus and nine members of the same family, it was quickly revealed that it was an Air Force “SNAFU” that allowed the shooter to obtain the weapon in the first place.

Of even more concern are the heroic efforts of Stephen Willeford, who used an identical weapon to engage the shooter, drawing him away from the tiny church, wounding him twice with pinpoint fire before pursuing him in a desperate ten-mile high-speed chase that eventually led to the killer taking his own life.

Willeford refuses to allow himself to be called a hero, but the quick-thinking NRA instructor is seen as the proverbial ‘good guy with a gun’ for his actions in preventing the shooter in moving on to a second venue or firing on law enforcement officers.

President Trump, in the midst of an important five-country tour of Asia at the time the shooting took place, focused his response to a call for increased mental health care, rather than being diverted to the age-old gun-control argument favored by the Left.

Disturbing facts have emerged in the days since Sunday’s tragedy including the Air Force’s failure to report the shooters less-than-honorable discharge following his conviction for domestic violence charges in assaults on his wife and infant step-son, chronic pain issues that left him “begging for money to see a psychiatrist,” according to friends, and animal cruelty that saw him purchase dogs on Craigslist to use as “target practice.”

Intervention at any point by trained professionals might have done more to prevent the tragedy, whereas Feinstein’s law might well have avoided the response that brought it to an end.

Typically, merely the introduction of legislation, rather than its outcome, will be a large enough serving of red meat for the Democrat base to carry into next year’s election.

Do you think Congressional Democrats should be allowed to capitalize politically on the Texas tragedy before the victims have even been buried?

Source: Weasel Zippers

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