In a dramatic turn of events information has been leaked by a source close to the issue that suggests Freddie Gray, the Baltimore man who recently died in police custody, may have sustained neck injuries a week prior to being arrested by the police.

The leaked information relies on an insurance payout from Allstate Insurance agency as some of its proof that Gray sustained injuries from his involvement in a car accident a week prior to being arrested by Baltimore police after running from them.

If the source in this new information is to believed, this news means that Gray didn't suffer injuries from police officers to his neck and spinal column that killed him. It seems to be plausible, however, because there are court records which show Gray's efforts to consolidate the Allstate settlement into one lump sum of money.

This news comes on the heels of other news, reported by the Washington Post, that Gray may have been attempting to injure himself while in the back of the police van on the way to the police station.

Another suspect in the police van reported that he heard loud banging noises coming from the other section inside the van. This suspect has been quoted as saying that he felt like Gray was intentionally ramming himself into the sides of the van and trying to injure himself.

While I am less inclined than some to believe that a captured suspect would intentionally throw himself into the sides of a moving van to injure himself, stranger things have happened. That being said, the information that Gray likely had injuries before the police pulled him into their van changes the narrative that is being tossed around by the liberal media.

America truly has an ongoing problem with police brutality. There can be no question that things need to change. But that change may not need to take place wholly on the side of the police. If previously injured people are making themselves targets for police scrutiny, the fault is all theirs.

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