That old adage “too little, too late” always seems to be a part of the Republican response to anything Obama. So after almost two terms of lawlessness we now have Representative Ted Yoho of Florida who is now in the process of introducing a resolution designed to set forth the House’s definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

If after almost 300 years of this nation’s existence we’re still attempting to figure out the definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors, “then indeed something is terribly wrong with our legislators, and perhaps that’s the reason we find ourselves at this pivotal crossroad in our nations history, between reclaiming our destiny as a great nation, or continue the spiraling decent into the abyss.

Moreover the most sweeping legislation passed within the last 50-years “ObamaCare” was created based on willful misinformation, and false representation, and of course Obama’s refusal to enforce immigration laws, while actually creating legislation through executive orders, and using both the DOJ and the Internal Revenue as political weapons against a sizable number of private citizens, was reason enough “then”, to begin the “articles of impeachment”.

However, the resolution would undoubtedly have consequences for President Obama, who has also sparked controversy with his use of funds “in defiance of congressional appropriations” and the defiance of congressional subpoenas.

The resolution was crafted with the help of legal experts like Judge Andrew Napolitano and attorneys like Bruce Fein…“too little, too late.”

Sources: American News


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