Bowe Bergdahl has been charged with desertion according to his attorney. The Army announced it will release more details today at 3:30 p.m. EST about the Bergdahl case.

Bergdahl has been under scrutiny for desertion since he was freed in a prisoner swap in 2014 for five top Taliban commanders. The swap was orchestrated by the Obama administration. The Taliban commanders are living comfortably in Doha and are free to leave within one year to join their jihad fighters again.

Not only has Bergdahl been accused of desertion but there are also claims that he converted to Islam and taught his captors bomb making during his captivity. He also reported took the name Abdullah and learned to speak Arabic.

Obama and his administration are still unable to admit what a horrible decision this prisoner swap has been. Susan Rice, the White House National Security Advisor, still maintains Bergdahl has served with “honor and distinction”.

Not only has Obama left us with a jihad sympathizer back on American soil leaving the Army to clean up this mess but also five dangerous jihad terrorist have been set free to engage in more terrorist acts.



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